Renting a Commercial Kitchen: Benefits and Use Cases

Food businesses often find when looking for a commercial kitchen to rent essential when starting out or looking to grow their business.  

Commercial kitchen space is paramount to the growth and success of any fledgling food business. Street food vendors, small food businesses, and established chains use temporary and dark kitchens. Each has its own use case.  

So, what are the benefits of a commercial kitchen to rent and how do you decide if it’s the right fit for you and your business?

Temporary Commercial Kitchens for Pop-Ups, Startups or Small Businesses

The main use cases for commercial catering kitchens are small or delivery-only food businesses that operate from remote locations. 

The best examples are street-food trucks (who require a CPU), delivery-only businesses, catering companies requiring a central kitchen or food order box companies (like Mindful Chef), temporary food pop-ups, and even office/industrial park sandwich delivery firms. We also work with pubs and provide pub kitchens to rent.

Traditionally, these are new food startups or small food businesses who are often looking for flexible terms when leasing kitchen space to reduce their risk and lower initial start-up costs. Equally, many food businesses require a large kitchen space but for a shorter duration lease than the normal 5-year term of a restaurant lease, for example, Festival operators who require prep areas for large-scale events, which are often seasonal, or a large corporate company looking for a central preparation unit. That said, we work with many businesses who rent commercial kitchen facilities on a long-term basis as they don’t require the additional area or location costs of a high street restaurant or cafe. 

Our commercial kitchen spaces are blank spaces for your business, often with the plumbing, electric points, and equipment you need, but always with the option for you to adapt the space for your needs. 

We also operate shared kitchen spaces which offer huge benefits to both small food businesses and also existing businesses in reducing their energy costs and overheads.

Hire a Commercial Kitchen At Times That Suit You

Shared commercial kitchens are a great way to reduce your risk, overheads, and general costs. They can also be invaluable for sharing knowledge with peers and even staff during tough times. Shared kitchen space or temp kitchen space is a great way to test a concept and even make sure you have enough storage space for your commercial kitchen equipment and even try out a kitchen layout to plan without investing huge sums. This works well for small businesses and those who only operate during a certain time – for example, a breakfast delivery service or an evening or night-only food delivery business. But again, what often attracts new food businesses to hire a kitchen is being able to rent on a temporary or flexible basis.

London-based food pop-ups are continuing to become more popular, with CNBC recently citing that the UK’s pop-up industry is now worth more than £2 billion per year. The flexibility of a dark kitchen to rent for as little as a month at a time is both convenient and affordable, especially for pop-ups that operate seasonally or are on a low budget or have little start-up capital.

Short Term commercial kitchens to rent are also used as facilities in the event of an emergency. If there has been a fault or issue with catering equipment, your current kitchen space is undergoing construction or refurbishment or you have walked in at the start of a shift to find no electricity or a burst pipe. Short Term or temporary kitchen hire means you can carry on trading as normal with minimal disruption caused to your business and minimizes any loss of earnings. In many cases, your costs would also be covered by your insurer.  

A Rental Kitchen offers a Clean, Dedicated Space for Food Preparation

Are you currently running your food business from home? If so, making the move to a dedicated or shared commercial kitchen can make all the difference when trying to grow by providing a reliable and clean space to work from. All of our kitchens are professionally cleaned before occupation. Working from a dedicated workspace legitimises your business and lets customers know you are a serious, legally trading business. Conforming to health and safety standards and keeping track of your product use-by dates in an organised manner. 

A professional commercial kitchen to rent will come clean to a professional standard, whether it’s for your sole use or a shared kitchen. When renting a shared kitchen we ensure cleaning protocols are in place and cleaning is required at the end of each shift to an agreed standard with any other occupier. Any maintenance is taken care of by the space owner avoiding any rent and repair needs. You will normally be liable for any maintenance of your own commercial kitchen equipment. 

Renting Commercial Kitchens with onsite Cold Storage

Another reason why kitchen hire is advantageous is that many commercial kitchens to rent, central production units, or a dark kitchen to rent, also have on-site cold storage. 

Check out our full range of commercial kitchens with popular areas being kitchens to rent in London and kitchens to rent in Manchester or get in touch with any queries that you may have or register for your ideal space. 

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