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Rent Kitchen In Manchester. Because High Rents And Long Leases Don’t Work For Everyone.

Kitchens to Rent Manchester

There’s nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of Manchester. Whether you’re a budding chef or already have a devoted following, there are plenty of hungry mouths to feed in this amazing city. 

The dense population and world-class food scene make it an ideal place for launching a food delivery service, but finding a kitchen to rent in Manchester can be difficult, so we’re here to assist you at every step! 

Manchester, as a city, has a population of about 600,000 people so you know it’s full of opportunity and plenty of mouths to feed!

With the advent of delivery apps and services like Deliver, Just Eat and Uber Eats a food delivery business can be a successful and low-overhead solution that can operate from almost anywhere.

Generally, food businesses prefer to operate in high head count areas but there is no hard and fast rule and different food niches will be successful in different areas. 

Find out which areas are at the top of the pile for food delivery businesses, below. 

Commercial kitchen to rent in Manchester have  traditionally included high rents, large deposits, and long leases to sign, but we understand doesn’t work for everyone.

That’s why ShareThere provides you with access to flexible, accessible kitchen space all over Manchester, on your own terms. There are no long leases or large deposits. 

Check out our most popular areas for a kitchens to rent in Manchester below.  

Types Of Kitchen To Rent in Manchester

We have kitchens available for multiple use cases. With the delivery food and beverage industry booming at present we have kitchens to rent to suit your needs. 

Whether you are looking for a dark kitchen,  delivery kitchen or a pub kitchen to rent  expand your current offering or even starting a brand new food business our flexible rental model is perfectly suited to growing your business and adapting as you go. So whether you’re cooking up London’s best burgers, baking Birmingham’s best cakes or Manchester’s meanest masala we have the space for you. Search our kitchens and get cooking! 

We also offer kitchens to rent ideal as production hubs and beautiful studio kitchens to take your cooking show to the next level.

Dark Kitchens in Manchester

Dark kitchens, also known as ghost and cloud kitchens, refers to food that is prepared at separate takeaway premises rather than a restaurant. Compared to a usual takeaway format, however, orders are placed online, without the option for the public to enter the premises.

Shared Kitchens in Manchester

A shared kitchen is space rented within an existing kitchen utilising spare space and appliances. These are often available for shorter hours and often outside the time that another business operates, for example a cafe only operating in the morning or afternoon. 

Delivery Kitchens in Manchester

Delivery kitchens, also known as ghost and cloud kitchens, refers to food that is prepared at separate takeaway premises rather than a restaurant. Compared to a usual takeaway format, however, orders are placed online, without the option for the public to enter the premises.

Production Kitchens in Manchester

A central production kitchen, sometimes known as a central production unit (CPU), is a culinary space where meals or individual ingredients are prepared before being dispatched to other sites for plating and serving to consumers. Production kitchens also refer to kitchens used for dedicated filming for Tv or media streaming.

What Are The Most Popular Places To Rent A Kitchen in Manchester?

There’s something for everyone, from the hip Northern Quarter pubs to Salfords up-and-coming pubs, bars and restaurants. We have kitchens to rent in great areas throughout Manchester, including Upper Arlingham, Didsbury, Chorlton, Altrincham, Sale, Deansgate, Northen Quarter and more! We’ve got something for everyone in North, South, East, and West Manchester, but if we don’t have anything in a place you’re searching for, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

So start looking for your ideal kitchen to rent in Manchester and once you’re up and running, send us a sample of your delectable cooking.


Salford is a constantly changing and exciting location in Manchester. It is a thriving cultural, economic and residential area. 

From its urban buzz to the tranquillity of the surrounding areas of greenbelt spaces Salford is building on its mixture of urban, countryside and waterfront areas to create a bustling area where people want to live and work.

The city of Salford covers 37 square miles and five districts make up Salford, Eccles, Worsley, Irlam and Cadishead, and Swinton and Pendlebury. Over 220,000 people are proud to call Salford their home.

With the Blackfriars, Broughton and Ordsall districts of central Salford being just one minute’s walk from the heart of Manchester’s shopping and central business districts – just across the River Irwell which runs between the two cities, Salford is the ideal location to launch your food business.

A picture of Salford in Manchester where you can rent a kicthen


Deansgate is one of Manchester’s liveliest neighbourhoods. Deansgate, the city’s central hub, is a long route that connects the entire city. The road, which dates back to the 1700s, was formerly known for its criminality!

The hustle and bustle of Deansgate ensures that there is never a dull moment, and the area’s excellent connections to the rest of the city make it a great location for a food delivery service, a pop-up restaurant, or a to rent a pub kitchen. 

Just a stones throw from the Manchester Arena and Royal Exchange Theatre its popular with shoppers, trendsetters and theatre goers alike. 

Northern Quarter

Manchester’s creative district is known as the Northern Quarter.  The region is a centre for everything inventive, as it is home to the city’s artists, actors, and musicians. Independent cafés, boutique boutiques, and distinctive bars abound in the Northern Quarter. 

This area, unlike the rest of Manchester, has a distinct personality. The streets are adorned with great street art and graffiti, much of which has been approved by business owners who want to maintain the area’s charm.

Music fills the clubs and music venues at night, and there is always something going on, no matter what time it is.

A picture of Spinningfields in Manchester where you can rent a commercial kitchen


Elegant Spinningfields is the city’s financial centre and a popular destination for entertainment and shopping.

Office workers pour into cocktail bars and chain restaurants in the evening, while locals seeking culture head to the imposing Manchester Opera House for musicals and concerts.

Also in the area is the People’s History Museum, focusing on Manchester’s working-class history.

Spinngfields is the perfect place to launch your dark kitchen business in Manchester. 

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