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Kitchen to rent London

There’s nothing like the buzz and excitement of London, and whether you’re a fledgling food entrepreneur or already have a loyal fan base, there’s plenty of hungry mouths to feed in this fantastic city. 

The crowds of people and world-class food scene make it a perfect location for starting a food delivery service, but renting a kitchen in London can be a minefield, so we’re here to help! London has a population of almost 10 million residents! 

With the advent of delivery apps and services like Deliver, Just Eat and Uber Eats a food delivery business can be successful and operate from almost anywhere.

 Generally food businesses prefer to operate in high head count areas but there is no hard and fast rule and different food niches will be successful in different areas. Find out which areas are top of their game for food delivery businesses below. Commercial kitchen to rent in London has traditionally included high rents, large deposits, and long leases to sign, which we understand doesn’t work for everyone.

 That’s why ShareThere provides you access to flexible, accessible kitchen space all over London, on your own terms. There are no long leases or large deposits. Check out our most popular areas for a kitchen to rent in London below. 

Types of kitchen to rent in London

We have kitchens available for multiple use cases. With the delivery food and beverage industry booming at present we have kitchens to rent to suit your needs. 

Whether you are looking for a dark kitchen or delivery kitchen to expand your current offering or even starting a brand new food business our flexible rental model is perfectly suited to growing your business and adapting as you go. 

So whether you’re cooking up London’s best burgers, baking Birmingham’s best cakes or Manchester’s meanest masala we have the space for you. Search our kitchens and get cooking! 

We also offer kitchens to rent ideal as production hubs and beautiful studio kitchens to take your cooking show to the next level.

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Dark kitchen to rent in London

Dark kitchens, also known as ghost and cloud kitchens, refers to food that is prepared at separate takeaway premises rather than a restaurant. Compared to a usual takeaway format, however, orders are placed online, without the option for the public to enter the premises.

Shared kitchen to rent in London

A shared kitchen is space rented within an existing kitchen utilising spare space and appliances. These are often available for shorter hours and often outside the time that another business operates, for example a cafe only operating in the morning or afternoon. 

Delivery kitchen to rent in London

Delivery kitchens, also known as ghost and cloud kitchens, refers to food that is prepared at separate takeaway premises rather than a restaurant. Compared to a usual takeaway format, however, orders are placed online, without the option for the public to enter the premises.

Production kitchen to rent in London

A central production kitchen, sometimes known as a central production unit (CPU), is a culinary space where meals or individual ingredients are prepared before being dispatched to other sites for plating and serving to consumers. Production kitchens also refer to kitchens used for dedicated filming for Tv or media streaming.

What are the most popular places to rent a kitchen in London?

There’s something for everyone, from hip Shoreditch cafes to Hammersmith pubs and East End dark kitchens. We have kitchens to rent in great areas throughout London, including Battersea, the City, Shoreditch, Islington, Bow, Covent Garden, Hackney, Angel, and Soho! We’ve got you covered in North, South, East, and West London, but if we don’t have anything in a place you’re searching for, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

So start looking for your ideal London kitchen to rent, and once you’re up and running, send us a sample of your delectable cooking.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a foodie’s dream, with some of London’s most popular eateries ranging from fine dining to quick snacks. World-class eating can be found in London’s West End, with restaurants such as Frenchie and The Petersham catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

From the more informal Buns&Buns to probably Covent Garden’s worst/best-kept secret – The Savoy’s famous American Bar – Covent Garden is home to some of the city’s most sought-after pubs, bars and restaurants. Convent Garden is a popular place to rent a kitchen for food delivery and has an almost non stop supply of tourists and locals alike.

kitchen to rent London - Covent Garden


Shoreditch is a neighbourhood in London that is part of the Hackney borough. It is a developed area of the inner city immediately to the north of the City of London, 2.5 miles (4.0 km) east of Charing Cross. 

Since roughly 1996, Shoreditch has become a popular and fashionable district of London. Often confused with neighbouring Hoxton, the neighbourhood has undergone significant gentrification in the last two decades, resulting in rising property prices. 

During the second ‘dot-com’ boom, the area became popular among London-based web technology firms with headquarters on Old Street. Shoreditch offers a fantastic area to operate a food delivery service due to its diverse and wealthy demographic and an ever increasing number of tourists staying and visiting the area.

The City

The City of London is a small enclave of the United Kingdom’s Greater London. It is the historic heart of London, around which the current conurbation formed, and it has been a city since the dawn of time. 

The city’s boundaries have stayed nearly constant since the Middle Ages, and it is now only a small fraction of London’s metropolis, albeit it is still a significant part of Central London. Because it is slightly over one square mile (1.12 sq mi/2.90 km2) in size, it is commonly referred to as the City (typically printed on maps as “City”) or the Square Mile. 

These phrases are also frequently used as metonyms for the financial services business in the United Kingdom, which has historically been centred there. The City is the heart of Londons financial service business and makes a terrific spot for a food delivery business or F and B pop-up with an abundance of high-income earners working and living in the area.

kitchen to rent London


Soho is an area of the City of Westminster and part of the West End of London. Long established as an entertainment district the area has undergone considerable transformation. It now is predominantly a fashionable district of upmarket restaurants and media offices. 

Soho is a small, multicultural area of central London; a home to industry, commerce, culture and entertainment, as well as a residential area for both rich and poor. Gerrard Street is the centre of London’s Chinatown, a mix of import companies and restaurants. 

The nearest London Underground stations are Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

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