How to find the best delivery kitchen for Deliveroo?

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Looking for the best kitchen for Deliveroo? You’re in the right place!

Deliveroo is the most popular food delivery app in the UK. Launched in 2018, its user base has increased to 9 million customers and the number of restaurant sellers has increased to over 175,000!

Deliveroo holds over 25% market share for food delivery apps, as of 2022. Using their popular app, Deliveroo connects new, start-up, independent, and growing food businesses along with established restaurant chains with hungry customers across the UK. In doing so it helps to facilitate restaurant expansion into new locations and makes it easier for food start-ups to start trading. Partly due to the lower barrier to entry, but more on that later.

Setting up to sell on Deliveroo is simple but before you are ready to start selling your food, there are a few things you need to consider – where are you going to prep and cook all of your food? Having a commercial kitchen is essential to satisfying food hygiene standards, being located for easy distribution of food, and for providing the space and tools for food preparation. Your first task once you have put a plan together should be finding a delivery kitchen for Deliveroo; here are our top tips for finding a Deliveroo kitchen rental and delivery kitchen qualities to look out for.

Find Deliveroo kitchens that are fast to set up

Apart from the cost benefits, one of the biggest advantages of renting a purpose-built commercial kitchen is the convenience of being able to move straight in and the flexibility to expand as necessary.

When looking for a new Deliveroo kitchen you can easily check the facilities available on our listings and make sure they meet your requirements. If not, we can always speak with the Landlord and see if anything extra can be added. We recommend you look for these main pieces of commercial kitchen cooking equipment  when looking for your next kitchen rent a dark kitchen:

  • kitchen extraction
  • adequate drainage
  • appropriate ventilation
  • hot and cold running water points
  • hygienic wall, floor, and ceiling coverings
  • enough gas and electricity points
  • fire safety doors
  • basic commercial cooking equipment like commercial ovens and burners

Weighing up kitchen size against your business demand & production capabilities

Before choosing a Deliveroo kitchen space, you should think about the size of the unit you need to rent for several reasons.

Commercial kitchens are normally priced based on their size, so renting a kitchen bigger than what you require or that you can meet production for will inevitably mean that you are spending more than you need to on your kitchen or production space. If you are just starting out it is imperative to plan ahead and estimate the production volume you will be able to sustain as the size of your kitchen is important when running a tight ship and operating an efficient business and kitchen. If you have a large or varied menu or work in a high production area, such as fast food, a bigger kitchen gives you more space for commercial equipment and more space and a better environment for your team to work in. 

Deliveroo has a large range of partners working across multiple food types and cuisines. In fact, Deliveroo lists over 22 different categories to order from. Deliveroo has a large range of partners from the really small to the really big. Listings include everything from large, national chains – like Burger King and KFC to small indy start-ups such as Only Jerkin’.  There is a place for each across Deliveroo both meeting different the needs of different audiences. Food delivery and dark kitchens offer restaurants the chance to be competitive whether big or small and each has an ideal kitchen environment for them.

The importance of a hygienic delivery kitchen space

When selling food on any food whether on an ordering platform, in a restaurant, or in a takeaway setting, all food businesses must comply with all legal food and commercial kitchen regulations, any local council trading laws, and the rules set by service providers and third parties.

Any food business must meet the required standard of food hygiene in the kitchen , so always check that there is adequate hygiene in place and that there is a general level of cleanliness when looking for a kitchen to rent – it’s always important to consider hygiene and the effect that this will have on the running of your business when looking for a London delivery kitchen location you may be interested in.

You also need to consider any other applicable permits and legislation including late night licences, alcohol licences, and food hygiene certificates You can find those specific to Deliveroo’s registration and licensing policies online and a more general and exhaustive list on the food standards agency website. 

Choose the best location for you and your demographic

Deliveroo and other delivery apps generally have a set radius or postcode list for each delivery service and restaurant partner operating in a certain area.

This is to ensure that food delivery isn’t delayed – affecting both the service and quality of the food received by the customer and to make sure delivery remains profitable for its drivers and riders. A long distance between the restaurant and the table reduces the profitability of the rider and may also take them outside of their preferred operating area, such as a surge zone. 

If you looking to expand or start your food delivery business in a new London borough you should know where your target audience or existing customer base lives. You can contact the kitchen provider directly who will be able to advise you or you can check out the information provided for each commercial kitchen location to check they are within Deliveroo’s delivery parameters and to ensure that you can provide a high-quality service in these locations.

What is the access like for drivers and riders?

Your chosen kitchen or location should have access for riders and drivers to collect orders.

Any kitchen with a car park is a bonus but more importantly, you should provide an easy-to-find access point for collections to be made. Most collections are made by bicycle or motorbike so parking so dedicated parking is not necessary. 

You should bear in mind that the majority Deliveroo drivers travel on bicycles or motorbikes (over 50,000), so you should consider kitchens with great accessibility that are not limited to access by motorways or A-roads, which they cannot reach. This will make it difficult to get riders to collect from you and will hugely reduce the number of riders and drivers that will service your location.  It is also preferable to rent in busier areas of London. If your kitchen is in a remote or secluded location it may mean that a limited number of riders are willing to accept the delivery and there are simply not enough customers within your delivery radius.

Share There have food delivery kitchens to help you meet your business goals! If you are looking to operate on Deliveroo, UberEats, or independently and with direct-to-consumer delivery, we have kitchens to rent that can help you achieve your business goals. Check out our London commercial kitchens to rent a build your business today. If you’re interested in any of our kitchens, contact us today to book a viewing and take your business to the next level.

An infographic of various commercial kitchen equipment suitable for a Deliveroo kitchen

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