How To Choose a Private or Shared Use Kitchen Rental in London

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Just starting out, scaling up, or looking for space to build a fresh product line for your food business? You need a commercial kitchen to rent

As a fledgling food business owner, one of the most important things to think about is the type of kitchen space you require and how it can meet your needs. Let’s look at which type of commercial kitchen completes the pie for your food business in London; a private or shared used kitchen rental? We explore the options below, in more detail.

What are the different types of commercial kitchen rental

Commercial kitchens offer the perfect solution for any long or short-term food business demands of any kind and offer many benefits; commercial kitchens are adaptable and built specifically to handle large volumes and output. Commercial Kitchens should also meet all legislation, licensing, and inspection requirements for the preparation and storage, and storage of food.

There are two main types of licensed commercial kitchens for rent; private and shared use:

Private commercial kitchen to rent

A Private commercial kitchen provides sole use of a space that only contains the equipment, ingredients, and space you need. Private kitchens are ideal for dark kitchen /virtual restaurants and food delivery businesses that only need a kitchen space during normal business hours. Private commercial kitchens are also ideal as a central production unit offering space for larger restaurants to produce food in bit part before delivery to distributed restaurant outlets. We also work with pubs to provide pub kitchens to rent and pub residencies to rent.

Shared commercial kitchen to rent

Shared kitchens are usually large fitted spaces used by multiple food businesses. Typically the landlord or space owner rents their commissary kitchen space and cooking equipment to multiple small or time-specific food businesses at once or it could be a share of their own kitchen. An example of this would be a cafe owner who only opens until lunchtime but then rents their kitchen for an afternoon/evening to a delivery-specific service. This could also be the use case for pop chefs or food vans who need space irregularly. Owners will normally nominate storage space throughout the kitchen with agreed time slots and cleaning standards in place for when they each use the kitchen. The space owner/tenant typically both share the cost of fees/utilities or pricing can be on an all-inclusive basis.

Private commercial kitchen hire; The Benefits

  • Workspace – A Private kitchen offers more room for commercial equipment and appliances as well as for dry and cold storage. A private kitchen also provides more room for staff and helps to avoid any conflict in the kitchen.
  • Exclusive Use – Working the hours that chefs do, in particular as they are building their business or increasing their production capabilities, a commercial or catering kitchen space with your own private space offers the room and freedom to work as they wish.
  • Dry and cold storage – Many private commercial kitchen spaces and also a  dark kitchen, will benefit from dry and cold storage within the kitchen. This is essential to operating efficiently within the kitchen.
  • The flexibility of space – You can use the space how you please and can open and operate at any time during licensed hours. 
  • Control of space – You have more space in a private kitchen to run your restaurant business and allocate space in a way that suits you best allowing you total control over your business and the option of more space when the time comes to scale your business.
  • Lower overhead and running costs – The owner of the kitchen owner will look after more of the admin aspect of running a kitchen including food standard agency certificates, late night, and alcohol licenses. The majority of the kitchens available on Share There will also include utilities and are licensed with general repairs included.  These costs are then rolled up into one monthly affordable payment. 
  • Regulation and Compliance –  Commercial kitchens meet the food standards agency and any local regulations that may be in place and cover the preparation and storage of food types served to paying customers.


Shared use kitchen rentals; The Benefits

  • Shorter lease lengths and licenses – Shared kitchen space doesn’t require a long-term lease. A business will only pay for the actual time that they use the kitchen – whether that’s by the hour or even a time-shared arrangement. This saves money as you are only using the space on a pay-as-you-go basis. This is important if you only intend to trade for limited periods of time or have set opening hours. For example pizza delivery at night or a breakfast delivery service. 
  • Mutual Business Relationships –  Renting a shared space, you become part of a community of other chefs and professionals. When you share a kitchen you can benefit from the advice of other business owners utilising each other’s experience and advice, with some businesses leveraging the opportunity to share staffing and help to even out trading peaks and troughs. 
  • Cost-effective and reduced overheads – When operating a dark kitchen alongside another business, this helps to reduce each other’s costs as you are sharing not just the space cost but also the overheads attached to this. Some kitchen sharers also share the cost of direct-to-consumer delivery. A kitchen share or timeshare is the easiest way to reduce your overheads as an existing space owner or a business ready to share space and ultimately, each increases profitability and lower overheads. 

Are you searching for your perfect, kitchen? Look no further. Share There offer kitchens to rent with complete flexibility and locations across the UK. Enquire now or take a look at one of Kitchens to rent in London.

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