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From Our Space Owners

Share There have found a number of technicians for my salons treatment space

Anna Andrews
Space Landlord

What I thought would be complicated was very very easy

Tom Smith
Space Owner

Share There have found me two terrific businesses for my shared retail space

Michelle Mortimer
Space Landlord

Share There offered me an exceptional and seamless service

Mike Allen
Space Owner

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How sustainable are dark kitchens?

Hungry for your favorite meals but don’t feel like stepping out? The food industry has got your back with the booming delivery business model. Now, it’s easier than ever to have your cravings satisfied, right at your doorstep. But here’s a juicy twist: can dark kitchens save the day and make food delivery more sustainable? […]

Allergies in the food business: A not-so-spicy adventure to keep everyone safe and satisfied!

In the wild and wonderful world of food, where flavors boogie and aromas twirl, there’s a challenge that can put a damper on the culinary festivities: allergies! But fear not, intrepid food business owners, for we have embarked on a quest to uncover the secrets of safeguarding your establishment against these sneaky foes. Get ready […]

How to use tech in a commercial kitchen

Whew! Running a commercial kitchen is no joke! It takes a whole lot of know-how on food safety, menu planning, smooth workflows, and managing staff like a pro. But hold onto your hats, folks, because with the help of cutting-edge technology, modern kitchens are cooking up a storm and staying ahead of the game! That’s […]

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